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mao mizusawa

yuumi and kouichi

one day at school the morning before mao mizusawa's welcome back party from paris, france and she and kouichi asked yuumi to come with them to her party she agreed to go unless kouichi wanted her to go as well he did so after school they went to to the karaoke party somewhere in kibina, japan. at the party before mao is asked by akira to join the film research club she was singing the theme song to the show at the karoake place and she saw that yuumi was gone she knew where she went and kouichi asked mao where was she was going and she replied if he wanted to go to the bathroom with her and he said no and she left. In the bathroom mao saw yuumi washing her hands and asked her why did she leave when she was after her and mao asked yuumi if she didn't like karaoke and she said no and then yuumi said that she never sung in front of other people before and then mao asked if she wanted to sing with kouichi and now yuumi is blushing and she asked mao what she was to kouichi and mao said she was kouichi's childhood friend same with kazuki and nana she also said that she that she is the oldest among all of them and was a like a big sister to them and mao said again when kouichi is interested in a girl as his big sister she becomes interested too and she said to yuumi to get along with kouichi and yuumi said yes.

mao and eiji

mao and kouichi kissing