Nana Aihara
Aihara Nana
Romanized Nana Aihara
Kanji 相原 菜々
Rōmaji Aihara Nana
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 146.5cm
Blood Type A
Hair Length Neck-long
Three Measures 73 (Bust), 58 (Waist), 79 (Hips)
Classroom 1-A
Birthday March 1st
Real Life
Appears in Game, Anime and Manga
Seiyū Sakura Nogawa

Nana Aihara (相原 菜々 Aihara Nana) is the sister of Kōichi Aihara (game)/Kazuki Aihara (anime), who she calls onii-chan. She formed the Udon Lovers' Association with Narumi Satonaka, the granddaughter of Gunpei Satonaka, the chef at Japan's best Udon restarunt. Before the school festival in which they participated, two more people joined the Udon Lover's Association: Manami Hiba and Kaoruko Yuzuki.


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Videos Edit

PS2 キミキス 菜々 エンディング

PS2 キミキス 菜々 エンディング