Meet Again
Season 01, Episode 01
Meet Again
Air Date 6 October 2007
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Meet Again is the first episode of KimiKiss: Pure Rouge which was first broadcast on 6 October 2007.

Summary Edit

Kouichi Sanada wakes up and goes downstairs because of a loud knock at the door. At the door was his childhood friend Mao Mizusawa who he didn't recognize at first. A short while after Mao takes a shower, and Kouichi's other childhood friend Aihara, who also knows Mao as a childhood friend, shows up at his house too.

Aihara is surprised to hear a girl in Kouichi's shower, and starts questioning Kouichi about it, until Kouichi yells out that he didn't know who she was. Mao ran out of the bathroom and started yelling at Kouichi for not remembering her. Mao then noticed Aihara standing there, and then Aihara and Kouichi finally remembered who she was. Later that night Mao and Kouichi stayed up late playing a video game.

The next morning they went to school, Mao ran into a mysterious and quiet boy, Kouichi was surprised by something, and Aihara received a kiss from the famous genius girl Futami.