Kazuki Aihara
Kazuki Aihara
Romanized Kazuki Aihara
Kanji 相原 一輝
Rōmaji Aihara Kazuki
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Reddish-Brown
Eye Color Brown
Classroom 2-A
Real Life
Appears in Anime Only
Seiyū Takahiro Mizushima
Kazuki Aihara (相原 一輝 Aihara Kazuki) is an anime-only character and the second protagonist in the anime.

He is Kōichi's classmate and good friend. Kazuki enjoys playing soccer and his love interest is Eriko. Kazuki met Eriko in a classroom and experienced his first kiss when she suddenly began an 'experiment' with him. Kazuki eventually found out that he had fallen for Eriko, and chased after her all throughout the anime. The two finally became a couple near the end of the anime.

In the game, he and Kōichi were one person but in the anime they were split into two characters. Kazuki got Kōichi Aihara's soccer skills and family name and Kōichi got his good looks, given name and design.