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The anime, titled KimiKiss: Pure Rouge, began airing in Japan on October 6, 2007.The show consisted of 24 regular episodes and an extra episode and was broadcast from 6 October 2007 to 29 March 2008. An episode of the show lasts for roughly 23 minutes.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kouichi Sanada wakes from a dream where his younger self was crying. When he goes to answer the door, he finds a beautiful woman standing in front of him. She quickly enters while reacquainting herself with things in the house, and even enters the shower. A confused Kouichi tries to remember if he knew a girl like this in the past, and while trying to remember his friend Kazuki Aihara comes in.

A misunderstanding is caused when the girl comes out of the bathroom, but she suddenly realizes who Kazuki is. Kazuki also realizes who the girl is: his childhood friend Mao Mizusawa.

Finally realizing this, Kouichi welcomes Mao back. When Kouichi’s mother begins talking to Mao about her living in France, Kouichi notices how much Mao has changed. The story then continues with them going to the same school. Many relationships are formed with different people during their school years but always thought to be a mistake as Mao realizes her true feelings toward Kouichi while Sakino and Futami develops feelings for Kazuki.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Meet Again
  2. Cool Beauty
  3. Bookmark
  4. Step In
  5. Jump Up
  6. Each Melancholy
  7. Dear Actress
  8. Close to You
  9. Water Girls
  10. Miss Tone
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