Eiji Kai
Eiji Kai
Romanized Eiji Kai
Kanji 甲斐 栄二
Rōmaji Kai Eiji
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Real Life
Appears in Anime Only
Seiyū Takahiro Sakurai
Eiji Kai (甲斐 栄二 Kai Eiji) is a 3rd year student in Mao Mizusawa's class.

He plays the saxophone and plays it during concerts at work. He likes Mao Mizusawa and dates her for a while but she breaks up with him 2 weeks later but gets back together with him who but she realizes she has feelings for Kōichi Sanada. When Kōichi asked him if they can talk, he was willing to talk to Kōichi about Mao. Kouichi asked him to take good care of Mao. Eiji asked why, and Kouichi told him ever since he was little before Mao moved to Paris he wanted to take care of her and to never let her cry.


eiji kai