Akira Hiiragi
Akira Kouichi Kizaki
Akira Hiiragi (Middle)
Romanized Akira Hiiragi
Kanji 柊 明良
Rōmaji Hiiragi Akira
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Real Life
Appears in Game, Anime and Manga
Seiyū Jun Fukuyama

Akira Hiiragi is a 2nd year student at the Kibina High School, is best friends with Kouichi and Kazuki and is president, producer and director of the Film Research Club.

His love interest is Megumi Kuryu, though he says that he his dating a girl from another school and he has loads of information on all of the girls at his school, he calls it "Male Prudence". Akira asked Kōichi to come up with a synopsis for a movie that the film research club can do, he gave him.